ICS Technologies launches the second generation of XRAD-STRAITMASTER radars

The second generation of “XRAD-STRAITMASTER” magnetron radars is a next generation of marine radar systems designed to fill the gap between standard magnetron sensors and new solid-state technology.

XRAD-STRAITMASTER exceeds the performance recommended by IALA V.128 and IALA Guideline No.1111, and today expresses the best value-for-money compared to any radar solution for VTS and Coastal application available on the market.

Best in class for detection and discrimination performances, the XRAD-STRAITMASTER is easy to install, with high availability and reduced maintenance routine. The up-mast architecture of XRAD-STRAITMASTER consists of dual redundant transceivers embedded into the turning unit and directly coupled to antenna. Hence, eliminating the waveguide for enhancing the radar echo and simplify the installation.


The great benefits of XRAD-STRAITMASTER are evident by comparing with other solutions available on the market:

Zero Attenuation Concept: “XRAD-STRAITMASTER provides higher radar echoes than any other radar solution”.

It is a matter of fact that a way to reduce the waveguide routing between antenna and transceiver is to install the   transceiver out-door, close to the antenna. Notwithstanding, the round-trip attenuation of radar echo due to waveguide path can be estimated between 0.7 and 1.2 dB (equal to reduction in radar echo intensity between 17% and 25%).

XRAD-STRAITMASTER is the only with 0% of attenuation, 25kW of real power directly into the antenna for unmatched radar echo.  

Plug & Play Concept: “XRAD-STRAITMASTER makes saving for installation”

To install XRAD-STRAITMASTER you don’t need to be a radar expert, just follow few steps:

  • Mechanical fixing of the scanner unit to basement (by tightening 4 bolts, 15 minutes).
  • Mechanical fixing of radar antenna on to the scanner unit (by tightening few bolts, one hour and half).
  • Plug the connectors (already wired at factory, no error possible) into radar sockets (15 minutes).
  • Switch-on the system and play the radar.

High Availability, lower maintenance routine and Longer Magnetron Lifespan: “XRAD-STRAITMASTER has a preventive maintenance routine less than once per year…a magnetron replacement every 9000h”


  • Direct drive transmission (no belt to tighten every year)
  • Hollow shaft magnetic encoder (it may fail …if you hammer it!) in single or dual redundant configuration
  • Autonomous switch between embedded transceivers in order to balance the use of consumables
  • Continuous Built-in-Test monitoring to informs of status, preventive maintenance routine or alert for magnetron substitution.



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