Extremely easy to install and set up, OCEANGARD family feature a Plug&Play concept, a distinguishing mark of ICS’s radar systems that allow any technician to carry out a smooth installation by following a few and simple steps and without having been previously trained for it.

The radar family exceeds the performance recommended by IALA Guideline No.1111 and IALA V.128 and offers a wealth of configurations, including a down mast configuration with a separate transmitter suitable to be matched with any third-party antenna, new or existing ones in retrofit programs.


Thanks to the implementation of advanced algorithms, pulse shaping technics, high cell resolutions, OCEANGARD is the right choice when looking for high-definition detection without compromises.

Among the other characteristics, key strengths to be highlighted are:

  • Zero attenuation concept
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Time and frequency diversity techniques
  • Power Management
  • Reduced footprint
  • Native SNMP
  • DDS ready with embedded Linux O.S. for Navy applications
  • Ease and quick to install with ICS’s Plug&Play concept, zeroing any possible installation mistake
  • Unbeatable reliability and reduced maintenance (no transmission belt, magnetic encoder, …);
  • Designed as lower replaceable unit in order to make repair easy and quick
  • Availability > 99.99%
  • Full self-diagnosis (BITE);
  • High-end radar arrays;



XRAD-OCEANGARD radar embeds a solid state transceiver in the scanner unit, and directly coupled to the antenna. This is the meaning of ICS Technologies “Zero attenuation concept”, which provides the following technical and economic advantages:

  • Zero attenuation between transceiver and antenna unit (no waveguide path) and best radar echoes.
  • Zero maintenance on running waveguides and reduced installation costs.
  • Improved visibility in the short range (reduced main bang at minimum).


System is provided with mil-std connectors and any connection cable is pre-assembled and tested at factory. Best quality material is used, and system is designed for a lifetime of over 20 years.

  • No more waveguides to install between antenna and transceivers
  • No cables to assembly at site
  • No more errors or necessity of special tools during installation
  • XRAD-OCEANGARD installation is simply, time saving and convenient


  • The radar motor is geared with direct drive transmission. Transmission belt, which must be maintained periodically has been removed. Easy: no belt, no maintenance!
  • The radar motor is installed inside the rotation unit, not exposed to atmospheric environment, thus increasing its reliability drastically.
  • The motor gearbox is equipped with a hydraulic hose in order to make the maintenance operations (purge and refill the oil) easier.
  • The system is equipped with hollow-shaft magnetic encoder, available with single or dual encoder head. This type of encoder has the highest reliability since does not have any wearing between moving parts and does not require any maintenance other than providing a superior precision due to the absence of backlash (that is typical of encoder with chain).
  • System is designed for high availability (>99.95%).


OCEANGARD can be configured in many ways according to the final scope of use, and it is offered with arrays from 6 feet to 21 feet, power amplifier 100W-200W, 400W, 450W or 800W. Small size arrays from 6 to 12 feet are fitted on a reduced footprint, lightweight scanner unit. Arrays 18 and 21 feet are fitted on a reliable 3-phases motor scanner unit, driven by a dedicated Antenna Supply Unit which allows several rotations per minute settings.

No IALA Compliance







 TRANSCEIVER 100W or 200W 100W or 200W 200W, 400W, 450W or 800W
ANTENNA SIZE 6ft 9ft 12ft 18ft 21ft
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Circular
  • Horizontal
  • Circular
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Circular
  • Single up-mast embedded
  • Dual mast-mounted
  • Dual down-mast
  • Single up-mast embedded
  • Dual mast-mounted
  • Dual down-mast

Suitable to work with any third party antenna


coastal surveillance

Coastal Surveillance



mobile surveillance vehicles

Mobile surveillance Vehicles

oil and gas terminal

Oil and gas terminals


Offshore platforms

critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection

oil spill

Oil Spill Detection

wind farm

Wind Farms Surveillance



port traffic

Port Traffic control

river traffic control

River traffic control


OCEANGARD, according to scope of use and customers’ requirements, may be configured with a wide choice of options, among

  • Fully redundant configuration with up-down mast or down-mast transceiver
  • Time-Frequency Diversity capabilities
  • Single or redundant Extractor-Tracker
  • Advanced Doppler Processing
  • Radar Signal Analog Output for use with Oil Spill software Modules
  • Dual Switchable array polarization
  • Quasi Cosecant2 Array
  • Quasi Inverse Cosecant2 Array
  • De-Icer kit for extremely low temperature environments (-50°C)
  • 8192 or 16384 azimuth pulses; (standard 4096)
  • Redundant encoder
  • Extended 7 ÷60 RPM Rotation per Minute features