ICS Technologies has been awarded a contract from Oynetec (Pty) Ltd

We are proud to announce that ICS Technologies has been awarded a contract from , to provide nine XRAD-STRAITMASTER magnetron radar system to Transnet SOC Ltd, in the context of the prestigious VTMS project of South Africa.
The proposed radar sensors will be installed in the main ports of the country that, despite the interruption of the supply chain due to the lockdowns imposed by the raging of the pandemic, have seen a constant increase in commercial maritime traffic and cargo tonnage.
The state-of-the-art magnetron technology of XRAD-STRAITMASTER, in combination with a high-speed turning unit and a high gain 18-foot antenna will play a key role in the safety and security of the navigation, and guarantee optimal performance in all operating and environmental conditions, in compliance with the IALA technical handouts for “Standard” level.
We are very thrilled to add this new milestone to our exciting journey.

For more information please contact sales@xtechnologies.it