MAKA respects MIL-STD requirements and is designed especially for long range surveillance applications.  The MAKA family offers a wealth of configurations, with or without a local console, hence also suitable and ready to be integrated into any third-party C2, C4 systems.  Available in deck standing or hollow shaft design, ESPY is suitable for installations on towers or budlings’ roofs, as well as on retractable masts or poles when used on board vehicles. Extremely easy to install and set up, also ESPY family features the distinguishing ICS’s mark Plug&Play concept. The modular design allows reduced downtime since the whole optical or mechanical module can be replaced as a low replaceable unit.




  • Microradians gyroscope stabilization
  • Embedded video tracking features
  • Augmented reality with visual AIS data integration
  • MTI video detection
  • Dual live video with Picture in Picture or Split Screen features
  • Multispectral image blending
  • Third axis video stabilization
  • Any external sensors Slew to Cue integration
  • Reduced footprint, lightweight and low consumption
  • Ease and quick to install with ICS’s Plug&Play concept, zeroing any possible installation mistake
  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Full self-diagnosis (BITE)
  • 24VDC or 230VAC power supply
  • Very Long-Range optical sensors


MAKA is usually supplied with its own console, available in tabletop or flush-mounted versions. The control software allows, among the rest, the visualization of the videos and data coming from the head’s sensors, the manual control of the head’s movements thanks to the high precision MIL-STD joystick, the creation of surveillance patterns, the control of the head’s embedded video tracker, and displays the continuous BITE. The integration with third-party software (C2, C4, Tactical, and so on) is performed via ICS’s proprietary protocols.



MAKA’s optical payload can be configured in many ways according to users’ requirements. The basic configuration foresees an HD daylight camera, a cooled (MWIR) or uncooled (LWIR) IR camera. Both HD daylight camera and IR camera are available focal lengths up to 2200 mm or more for the HDTV, and 1200mm or more for the HD MWIR camera. Additionally, MAKA can be also equipped with other modules for laser range finder, an additional ultra-lowlight camera (NIR 0.005 lux), laser dazzler or a hi-intensity visible spotlight, an acoustic emitter for long distance voice communications.


coastal surveillance

Long Range Coastal or Mobile Video Surveillance


Offshore platforms

critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection


Vessel Traffic Control and Identification


National Border and EEZ control


  • Local tabletop or flush-mounted console
  • Touch Screen local console without keyboard and joystick
  • Embedded Video Tracker
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Ultra-Low-Light Camera (NIR 0.005 lux)
  • Laser Dazzler
  • Acoustic emitter
  • Hi-Intensity Visible Spotlight
  • Augmented Reality with AIS integration
  • 360° Panoramic Scan View