The official launch of the ICS’s VTS radars at the Port of Antwerp

Than memorable day for the team of ICS Technologies S.r.l., and also for the entire maritime cluster of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.
It was a great satisfaction to attend the official inauguration of one of the most complex and articulated VTS radar infrastructures in the world.
22 radars neatly integrated on the futuristic VTS center, and ready for the challenges of the present, and even more of the future.
A present and a future in which the density of the maritime traffic increases in exponential way, as well as the risks associated with ship operations in these inland waters, between locks and docks.
A thrilling challenge that we are sure to win, together with the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and thanks to the synergy that we have established with our partners of this project SAIT – A Securitas Solution Tidalis VDL Groep.

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