XRAD HEDGE LPI family is a compact and lightweight equipment with a low probability of intercept feature designed for military navigation applications systems.

The XRAD HEDGE LPI family is based on a fully coherent pulse compression solid-state transceiver and a radar antenna. Furthermore, the transceiver benefits of advanced Digital Frequency Synthesis Algorithms and employs Solid State Power Amplifier in order to ensure long life operation with best availability.

XRAD HEDGE LPI radar family includes different versions according to the selected configuration (power, antenna, options)


◊ X-Band upmast solid state radar
◊ 6ft, 9ft or 12 ft antenna
◊ Pulse compression
◊ Frequency diversity
◊ Frequency agility & clutter suppression
◊ Extended MTBF (Up to 150.000h)
◊ Internal Built In Test (No fault-finding training required)
◊ Enhanced doppler processing
◊ Bandwidth 9300 ÷ 9500 MHz
◊ Frequencies User selectable within bandwidth
◊ Power Management User configurable; Sectorial
◊ LPI 32 steps down to ≤ 0.5W

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