X-STARS is the ICS’ Scalable Tactical Awareness Reconnaissance Software suite especially designed for military applications. The scalability approach allows modular configuration, covering multi-mission (FCS,C2,C4,,etc.) multi-platform requirements (Naval,Vehicles, Shore-Based) .
X-STARS, also offers TEWA software module, performing Threat Evaluation and Weapons Assignment when integrated in complex combat systems with remote weapons stations.
X-STARS HMI, designed according to MIL-STD-1472, integrates advanced control technologies tobe able to process the tracks coming from the different sensors (Radars, EOS, AIS/WAIS, IFF, etc.) and compiles an useful–easy-to-understand Tactical Picture, providing the complete Situational Awareness Scenario at first sight, allowing immediate preventive and corrective actions to be planned or executed, operator support for effective decision making with accurate, complete and timely information for the military’s operational Chain of Command.
The open architecture assures high availability, easy integration of existing or future-added external systems and sensors.


Tactical Picture Infrastructure:

  • Map Presentation (different format)
  • Layers management
  • GIS Capabilities
  • Tracks and Tactical Object
  • STANAG 2019 APP6 Symbology

Alarm, Warning and Information Management

Record and Replay

Track Management

  • Generation and maintenance of track database
  • Track fusion and display
  • Area Monitoring and Management
  • Threat Evaluation and Identification
  • Weapon Assignment

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