X-SIGHT is the evoluted ICS’s Target Designation Sight that allows designation and tracking of naval, low altitude and land-based targets.
Combined action of Adaptive Frictions Compensation, Image Stabilization and Video Tracking Aid within the Field of View allow the user to keep on targeting even in degraded weather conditions and rough sea-state.
X-SIGHT is equipped with two ergonomic handgrip joysticks that allows both a secure and comfortable handling of the TDS in azimuth and elevation, as well as direct thumb-access to software functions.
X-SIGHT is also equipped with and hydraulic piston that allows a height excursion up to 300mm in order to assure a perfect ergonomic vision of the display regardless the operator stature.
X-SIGHT can operate as target designation system with naval gun support capabilites providing tracked target’s data and engagement status (track-on-target) to FCS or CMS, or as stand-alone emergency direct weapon control and firing system, in any case when FCS or CMS is not available or down for fail.


◊ X-SIGHT/SP (Standard Performance)

◊ X-SIGHT/EP (Enhanced Performance)

◊ X-SIGHT/AP (Advanced Performance)


◊ Robust marine-grade mechanical full metal structure
◊ 12” LED monitor showing operational scenario
◊ 2 axes rotating assemblies
◊ Full-digital absolute angular encoder sensors
◊ Embedded Power drivers and Electronic boards
◊ Embedded Video Tracking Module
◊ IR camera – Day/Night TV camera
◊ Two joysticks and relative control buttons
◊ Hydraulic Piston with 300mm height excursion

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