Modern combat software runs on latest technology and high reliability multifunctional consoles, able to perform all required operations and configurable according to function assigned.

X-MILCONS Consoles are ergonomic multi-function Human Interaction Equipment, designed for distributed architecture systems. They also provide environmental protection for the COTS equipment housed within, per the relevant military standards.

In today’s world, end user requirements changes rapidly and systems should be ready to be adapted to these changes.  Instead of using proprietary and closed components, COTS based solutions and open system architectures are gaining popularity also in military environment.

X-MILCON looks at this adaptability requirement being the design been approached with the maximum possible utilization of cots components and assemblies.



◊ Configurable with one or two 24” LCD Monitors
◊ Ergonomic trackball
◊ Desk with backlighted keyboard and embedded RWS firing panel
◊ Ergonomic joystick
◊ Maintained action buttons and Momentary action buttons, protected with covers spring and
configurable for the inhibition or authorization of external system (RWS)
◊ Status indicators set (Power, Fail, High temp, etc.)
◊ 5×7 matrix buttons, 800×600 pixels display (option)
◊ Embedded Industrial PC / Work Station, with adequate GPU and SSD, Operating System
◊ Embedded Uninterruptible Power Supply
◊ Hour Counter
◊ Anti-Condensation Heater
◊ Thermal control system, Fan speed control, Temperature Sensors, Graceful shut-down
◊ External Interface Connectors
◊ Power Interface Connectors
◊ EMI/EMC sealing
◊ Mains Circuit Breaker, Emergency Power Off Button with Protective
◊ MIL – STD – 810F (Environmental conditions)
◊ MIL – STD – 1472 (Ergonomic)