X-MILCONs are Military Multi-Functional Consoles
designed to be easily adapted and installed onboard any
military ship, from Fast Patrol Crafts (FPC) to Offshore Patrol
Vessels (OPVs) to logistic ships like LSTs or LPDs, thanks to the excellent
ergonomic Human Interaction design.
X-MILCON is specially designed to efficiently run X-STAR, the modern
ICS’s Military Tactical Software solution. Anyway, being fully designed and
developed by ICS and, for this, highly configurable, X-MILCON could be virtually used to run any
third-party Command&Control and Combat Management System software application .
X-MILCONs are MIL-STD compliant and widely employ cots hardware to facilitate maintenance and
obsolescence issues improving robustness and reliability.



◊ Configurable with one or two LCD Monitors
◊ Ergonomic trackball
◊ Desk with backlighted keyboard
◊ Ergonomic joystick
◊ Maintained action buttons and Momentary action buttons
◊ Status indicators set (Power, Fail, High temp, etc.)
◊ Embedded computing Hardware (PC/Work Station), with adequate GPU, SSD, Operating System
◊ Embedded Uninterruptible Power Supply
◊ Embedded Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention System
◊ Hour Counter
◊ Anti-Condensation Heater
◊ Thermal control system, Fan speed control, Temperature Sensors, Graceful shut-down
◊ External Interface Connectors
◊ Power Interface Connectors
◊ EMI/EMC sealing
◊ Mains Circuit Breaker, Emergency Power Off Button with Protective Cover
◊ MIL – STD – 810F (Environmental conditions)
◊ MIL – STD – 1472 (Ergonomic)
◊ MIL – STD – 461E (EMI/EMC)
◊ MIL – STD – 167 – 1 (Vibration)
◊ MIL – STD – 1474D (Noise)

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