X-EOFCS is the Electro-Optical Fire Control System suitable for weapons up to 127 mm calibre.

X-EOFCS is an Electro-Optical-Fire-Control-System and represents a complete-high-flexible close-in defense solutions being scalable in all of its aspects, such as number of sensors and RWS to control. The design and easiness of customization allows X-EOFCS implementation into newly developed defense system as well as into systems’ retrofits with the cost-benefit as key factor to focus on. The grade of customization includes the possibility to control single or multiple RWS. X-EOFCS, being based on multispectral and multiband sensors to detect targets, is suitable for use in any weather condition. In normal conditions, X-EOFCS operates in Surveillance Mode. Surveillance mode foresees the on board installed radars to work as Early Warning System within the range effectiveness of the radar sensor. Target data acquired within the Surveillance Area by these sensors are constantly updated and received by X-EOFCS. High Precision Electro Optical Directors (ESPY) also keeps visual contact on the target by video tracking and video records the whole scenario.


◊ Stand alone system ready to be integrated within third party CMS/C2i
◊ Upgradable with ICS X-STARS tactical software
◊ 3D detection, identification and tracking of air, surface, and shore targets
◊ Multi-tracking in the field of view
◊ Scalable for integrating with additional RWS (up to 3)
◊ Cooled infrared camera and HDTV low-light
◊ Long range eye-safe Laser Range Finder
◊ EOD size available: 18”, 15”, 12”
◊ Designed as LRI for prompt restore anytime, anywhere


The ICS unique EOD design allows ease of service. Whenever necessary, the electro-optical payload can be promptly replaced (less than 5 minutes). No aligniments or re-calibration to be performed after servicing.