X-COM FCS combines a less then lethal long range acoustic device with an electro-optical fire control system suitable for small and medium caliber RWS.

The electro-optical platform is a last generation compact, lightweight, multi-spectral long range hailing and electro-optical system, featuring high reliability and performance, designed for precision target tracking within the naval environment. The system provides training, elevation and range data and target indication for target parameters control purposes.

The high power and directivity sound beam can be used as a deterrent and deploy its capability of Less Than Lethal Weapon (LLW), useful in law enforcement operations at sea or on land, for riot control, delivering warning messages or verbal instruction in SAR activities



◊ Clear live broadcast or pre-recorded messages
◊ Stand alone system ready to be integrated within third party CMS/C2i
◊ Upgradable with ICS X-STARS tactical software
◊ Identification and tracking of air, surface, and shore targets
◊ Multi-tracking in the field of view
◊ Record and Playback capabilities
◊ Scalable for integrating with additional RWS (up to 3)
◊Infrared camera and low-light HDTV
◊ Eye-safe Laser Range Finder or Spotlight or Laser Pointer
◊ EOD size 18”
◊ Designed as LRI for prompt restore anytime, anywhere



The ICS unique EOD design allows ease of service. Whenever necessary, the electro-optical payload can be promptly replaced (less than 5 minutes). No aligniments or re-calibration to be performed after servicing.