X-BORESIGHT makes the alignment operations easier, fast and cheaper

The X-BORESIGHT suite feature the line-of-sight/line-of-fire automatic collimation between Gun physical aiming and onboard Fire Control Designation System.
The suite comprises three units:
◊ Base Unit: HMI display and computing environment
◊ Rover Unit. Allocate host the boresight and the barrel adpter, works as wireless rover
◊ Boresight head: Allocates the camera, wireless video transmission assembly, and the rechargeable high capacity Li-On battery
The X-BORESIGHT system can be configured to perform DYNAMIC and/or STATIC alignments, with high precision inclinometers supplied (AHRS).
All the operations can be done directly on-board through intuitive Human Machine Interface and step by step guided procedures, without need of co-operating targets or predisposed points of interest.
The adjustable zoom camera can adapt the field of view of the Video Boresight to every target size or distance.
The calibration mission data can be saved into the built-in memory, for subsequent analysis or to be resumed later.
The goal of the collimation mission data collection is to automatically calculate a new misalignment compensation setup for the onboard FCS.


◊ Independent from ship sensors
◊ No cables running along the ship and through the weapon
◊ Dynamic alignment in minutes instead of hours.
◊ Static Alignments through AHRS
◊ Misalignment computation data available to FCS in real time.
◊ Suitable for Any weapon caliber

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