LEO TR radar system is a light weight, low cost, FMCW based, LPI tracking radar.  It provides both radar targets tracking and video targets tracking for surface and air targets in any environmental condition.

When in stand-alone configuration, it is integrated with ICS control console providing autonomously Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment of remote weapon stations. Alternatively, when integrated as part of a third-party Combat Management System, targets data are provided as output; efficient air and surface targets tracking; instrumental range of 40Km; air-cooled solid state power amplifier, Doppler signal processor e embedded video tracking capabilities for both air and surface target tracking.

LEO TR is suitable, among the rest, for the following applications:

◊ General surveillance purposes

◊ AAW and ASuW with gun fire support capabilities

◊ Use in any battle scenario thanks to strong and native ECCM functions and LPI

◊ Tracking system of moving and stationary air and surface targets

◊ Easy integration with Combat Systems and SHORAD missile system

◊ Helicopter Guidance

◊ Suitable for Naval, Shore and Vehicular military applications


◊ STANAG 2019 APP-6 compliant
◊ Low Probability of Intercept (LPI option)
◊ All weather capability
◊ Tracking by either Radar sensor or Optronics sensors for optimal combinations
◊ Auto or Manual Search Capability
◊ Auto Track initiation
◊ Multiple target Track While Scanning
◊ Auto or Manual Target Acquisition for Fire Control Tracking
◊ Light weight
◊ Optronics Digital Image processing
◊ Easily configurable optical payload
◊ 40 Km instrumental range