ICS technologies offers a wide range of high-end radar antenna systems ideal for retrofit projects, Coastal surveillance and Surface Movement Ground Control applications.

High gain, high discrimination, better lateral lobe suppression are the cardinal points on which the ICS radar antenna systems are designed.

ICS Technologies Radar Antenna System withstands to operative wind speed up to 100 knots and can be installed at any latitude.  In case of extreme rigid climate, optional de-icer kit assures continuous operation down to minus 50°C.


ICS Technologies provides best and durable performance for at least 15 years from commissioning, with very low maintenance routine.

RANGE OF FREQUENCY (9200 ÷ 9500 MHz)
Product XASH-1800 XASC-1800 XASH-2100 XASC-2100
Configuration 18′ Horizontal 18′ Circular 21′ Horizontal 21′ Circular
Perfomance G: 36.0 ± 1dBi

H: ≤0.42° ± 0.02°

G: 35.5 ± 1dBi

H: ≤0.42° ± 0.02°

G: 38.0 ± 1dBi

H: ≤0.36° ± 0.02°

G: 37.5 ± 1dBi

H: ≤0.36° ± 0.02°

RANGE OF FREQUENCY (8800 ÷ 9000 MHz)
Product XASH-1800/G XASC-1800/G XASH-2100/G XASC-2100/G
Configuration 18′ Horizontal 18′ Circular 21′ Horizontal 21′ Circular

G: 34.5 ± 0.5dBi

H: ≤ 0.45°

G: 34.5 ± 1dBi

H: ≤ 0.45°

G: 37 ± 0.5dBi

H: ≤ 0.4°

G: 37 ± 1dBi

H: ≤ 0.4°

  • X-Band
  • High gain, high discrimination, better side lobe suppression
  • Coastal surveillance (Exceeding IALA V.128)
  • Surface Movement Ground Control
  • Vertical Pattern: quasi-Inverse Cosecant Squared
  • Vertical Pattern: quasi-Cosecant Squared
  • Mechanical Tilt
  • Antenna Supply Unit
  • Safety Switch
  • Kit of waveguide and cables
  • De-Icer kit for extended operating temperature (-50°C ÷ + 55°C)
  • Redundant encoder head
  • ACP: 4096 (standard). 8192 or 16384

ICS portfolio includes 12ft, 18ft and 21ft antennae, respectively exceeding the level of performance BASIC, STANDARD and ADVANCED required by the IALA
Guideline 1111.

The antenna is probably the most important part of the radar since as passive equipment, it is never replaced along the transceiver lifetime and even longer.

The antenna magnifies the radar performance in terms of range and discrimination; hence it is fundamental that it is designed to withstand to external environment for long time.


The ICS antennas are designed for 20 years lifetime.

  • In order to guarantee wind resistance in compliance with IALA requirements, even withstanding an ice accretion rate of 6.4mm/h with a total loading of 24 kg/m2, a highly efficient motor reducer assembly is used (≥2kW).
  • Solid internal structure in order to maintain the antenna geometry despite harsh environmental, solicitations and the passage of time.ICS antennas as well as all the exposed equipment are anticorrosion treated to withstand to harsh marine environment over time.
  • For highly impervious environments with possible ice formation on the antenna surface, an integrated de-icer system is available as an option which allows the system to operate without issues down to -50°C

ICS Technologies radar after 4 years at marine environment

  • Quasi-Inverse Cosecant Squared antenna
  • Quasi-Cosecant Squared antenna
  • De-Icer kit for extended operating temperature (-50°C ÷ + 55°C)
  • Redundant encoder head
  • ACP: 4096 (standard). 8192 or 16384

For additional information on Radar Antenna Systems, please contact ICS Technologies at sales@xtechnologies.it


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