HiVA-PRO is a combined Radar-EO system designed for critical infrastructure protection, able to detect and identify AIR (drones) Land (vehicles, pedestrians), SEA (small vessels) targets over 360°. The system is supplied with a self-supporting telescopic mast for a fast and easy deployment. This design also allows installation on board vehicles or as a native solution for ICS RSMS. The radar sensor exploits advanced doppler processing in X-Band, meanwhile the EO sensor exploits the MAKA EO capabilities.  HiVA PRO C2 software completes the turnkey solution suite, providing situational awareness. The operator interface offers a GIS map layer with a radar overlay, a video window showing the HDTV and IR image coming from the EO sensor, and triggers visual and audible alarms when a target enters a critical area defined by the user, providing also altitude data for flying objects.




  • Altitude data for flying objects
  • Microradians gyroscope stabilization
  • Embedded advanced video tracking features
  • Automatic radar tracking
  • Advanced doppler processing
  • Low false alarms rate
  • Target identification & classification
  • MTI video detection
  • Dual live video with Picture in Picture
  • Native automatic Slew to Cue over an intrusion
  • 24/7 recording
  • Embedded GPS
  • Remotely controllable
  • Lightweight and low consumption
  • Quick deployment
  • Full self-diagnosis (BITE)
  • 24VDC or 230VAC power supply
  • High-end optical sensors


X-INS ARPA’s display provides all functions foreseen by IMO regulations; optionally deliverable in combination with ICS’s X-STARS Tactical Software.

X-INS WECDIS features enhanced navigation capabilities as well as first-sight clear tactical picture, helping the operators to constantly have a fully understandable tactical scenario awareness.

A first-sight clear picture also characterizes X-INS CONNING display which provides information constantly refreshed information from engines, rudder, depth, ship sensors (hatches status, water fuel levels, etc.), and so on.


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Critical Infrastructure Protection


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Coastal Surveillance

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